Artist Kerri Rosenthal. All images are courtesy of Kerri Rosenthal ©.

Artist Kerri Rosenthal. All images are courtesy of Kerri Rosenthal ©.


By Kristen Conti.

“If art imitates life, then this drop cloth says it all. This is my life -- It’s colorful, messy, amazing and a bit crazy.  It’s what I call a beautiful mess,” said the award-winning artist and interior designer, in her blog where she describes her intricate artistic process and pageants the brilliancy of her ideas. 

Kerri Rosenthal, the former President and Creative Director of Cakewalk, a subsidiary of Oilily, created her brand to emulate her vibrant and colorful personality. As revealed through the myriad of her mastery, beginning with her iconic Drippy Hearts, Rosenthal has managed to compose pieces of relatability and sheer realness. 


“l wanted to recreate that feeling you get, down deep inside, when you read something from a loved one, whether it’s hand-written, an email or a text,” said Rosenthal. This was the inspiration behind one of the artist’s paradigms from her new Love Letters series, which she introduced earlier this year. “I took that inspiration to my studio and started painting LOVE in many forms and sizes and colors,” she added. Rosenthal called it, “Not too perfect, not too predictable, just like love.” 

Rosenthal’s careful yet imaginative craft and aesthetic niche for elusive beauty render her ability to devise work with character. Each piece has a soul. Each piece has an essence worth discovering. Each piece has a story; personal to Rosenthal herself, yet universal enough to tug at the emotion of its viewer. 

Despite Rosenthal’s extensive experience in the fashion and design industry, she goes well beyond any conventionality when it comes to art. Her prose is unique as it is unplanned. Her mindset on life is to embrace unpredictability, and it truly comes across in her work. To Rosenthal, “Art is always a work in progress,” and sometimes she has to just sit back and let the painting speak for itself. “Every day and every painting is different and comes from within.” 

Rosenthal took a photograph while traveling in the West Village in New York City. “We were stopped in traffic,” she said. “As I looked out my window, I immediately saw this most perfectly imperfect cityscape.” It was the perfect blend of construction, graffiti, and a phone booth, as Rosenthal explained. Her task in this very moment was nothing more than to capture this inexplicable rugged perfection, hidden amidst the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle. This is a crowning instance of Rosenthal’s keen eye for uncommon charm and adroitness to uncover beauty in the simplest of places.

Aside from painting, Rosenthal is also a cultivated photographer and a designer of fabrics, wall coverings, and home accessories, all which are directly inspired from her artwork and vision. She always knew her art would extend past the canvas and her years of styling in fashion made it evident that she would go on to create her own brand showcasing her innate personal style. After a successful career in the fashion industry, Rosenthal transcended her love of color and pattern and genuine desire to make people happy to shift focus on canvas painting. She has over 3,000 pieces completed over the past decade and devised several series, her latest being the Herself series. 

To coincide with International Women’s Day, which took place on March 8, Rosenthal decided to launch her Herself series to celebrate women’s empowerment and achievements through supporting each other. “This series is very personal to me - it’s all about empowering yourself to do what you love, knowing it won’t be easy and sticking with it,” said Rosenthal. “It’s about the support we as women should give to each other, and the belief that following your own rainbow might not always be all rainbows but is so worth it!”

Kerri Rosenthal

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