For a truly fashionable experience, and a incredible look at inspiring craftsmanship and creativity you have till September 4th to get to The Met to see the work of Rei Kawakubo. The avant garde designer behind the French brand Comme Des Garçons.  

Women in the World 

Thank you to the gracious host Tina Brown of Women in The World Summit for inviting me to her house recently, co-hosted by Gabriela Hearst (see gorgeous bags below). The evening honoured two friends, actress Gillian Anderson and journalist Jennifer Nadel's book, WE - A manifesto for women everywhere. How timely this book is. Over a year in the making ( sounds familiar..)  a very honest and inspiring read. 

Rock and Roll Baby 🎸

Late one night I discovered something rather marvelous on the internet...a rock camp in Brooklyn offering therapy through music for young girls. The Willie Mae Rock Camp For Girls is such a wonderful program. Their tag line is 'we believe in the power of music.' 

I visited them recently and did not want to leave. What the volunteer staff are doing here needs a big shout out. And if woman has ever dreamed of learning the drums (YES!) or electric guitar, they also have a rock camp in the summer for grown ups. 

Thank you for making the time ladies, and for the cool tote bag. 

Love at first sight ❤️❤️❤️

Met such a charming and super talented lady, Gabriela Hearst, recently. Who also just happened to be the 2016/2017 winner of the International Woolmark Prize. Below you can see why... Meet 'The Nina' bag. 

What colour would you pick? 

In the hood

Not even an inbox with over 600+ emails to reply back to is going to keep me in from attending a great cause started by Ashley Biden, called Livelihood. Supported by Gilt Group. All proceeds benefit Livelihood's mission of community revitlization. 

Her speech was very moving and very much resonated with why I started Mission- loosing any close family member will change you forever. 

But before the speech her father was there, like a rock star surrounded by a blanket of love and 16+ secret service agents. I got to speak to him for a nano second but got the selfie! We miss you Joe!


Livelihood sweatshirts

Livelihood sweatshirts

We are listening Joe 🙌

We are listening Joe 🙌

Best moment ever! 🙏🏻 

Best moment ever! 🙏🏻 

Wendy's House

What an honour (I'm english the 'u' stays) to get to attend Wendy Rowe's swanky launch of her book called Eat Beautiful. And boy did this little piglet have a feast! The food was wonderfully re-created from the book at The Fat Radish restaurant  in the Lower East Side. Sienna Miller gave a speech, Inez & Vinoodh were there, Dick Page, Melanie Ward, Elissa Santisi, Mazdak Rassi, Zanna Roberts Rassi, Toni Garrn, Shay Ashual, Anja Rubik and  Earl Simms, are all I clocked. There were many more VIP's...humbled as I was 

 Anyone reading this, THIS is how you do a  goodie bag. Such a thoughtful, kind and talented person...cheers Wendy!

Tune playing ...Kiesza Hideaway ..TUNE!       

Mac and....

Caitlyn Jenner and MAC cosmetics have collaborated on a make up line. Gorgeous shimmery golds and rose colours. As well as some gorg bold colours too if you're feeling powerful and confident...shouldn't we all. 

Tune playing...Mike Posner Cooler Than Me. 😎 (Playlist on shuffle incase anyone see's this as being negative !) 



A day of research and inspiration at the Met. Masterworks Unpacking Fashion


Who thought you could fill up a venue of 354+ on a rainy night-Tuesday 17th January. Invites only went out the week before. We had no PR doing this for us, no special bells and whistle production company. No swarm of people dressed in black at the door.

Mission held it's first ever fund raiser and we partnered with The Top of The Standard, Paddle8, phhhoto, Milk The Queen co-hosted with us and the amazingly talented and kind Hannah Bronfman DJ'd. They all donated their time to give back to our helping Mission get off the ground.

We had a wonderful host committee, what a list! See 3 posts back. Especially a big shout out goes to Malcolm Carfrae, Pippa Cohen and Kim Vernon, now that's called HELP! 

I could not have done this without my two solid MISSION rocks- Bernadet Davood and Mark Connolly.  See below the fun we had. Photo's kindly courtesy of BFA©. 

Mark Connolly, Milk The Queen, Karina Givargisoff

Mark Connolly, Milk The Queen, Karina Givargisoff

Hannah Bronfman

Hannah Bronfman

Bernadet Davood, Noel Marin 

Bernadet Davood, Noel Marin 

Pippa Cohen, Anthony Todd, Simon Collins, Kim Vernon

Pippa Cohen, Anthony Todd, Simon Collins, Kim Vernon

Leandra Medine 

Leandra Medine 

Mark Connolly, Malcolm Carfrae 

Mark Connolly, Malcolm Carfrae 

Laura Brown 

Laura Brown 

Ellen Von Unwerth, Michelle Hicks

Ellen Von Unwerth, Michelle Hicks

Barrett Reeves, Joey Jalleo 

Barrett Reeves, Joey Jalleo 


Burning the candle at both ends....counting down the days till the so much work involved....silent auction, invites to go out, invite re-design and re-designed...


Mission is preparing our first fundraiser to be held at The Top of The Standard. So many great hosts coming on board... Getting exciting...



Mission is not high and mighty and pretentious, that is not our motto..

A good cappuccino and a great diary are basic tools to conquer the day. Smythson we do love you. (A very special gift 🎁)




I had decided only a few weeks ago Mission needed to do a fundraiser. My dream spot, the only one I felt would be the perfect place to have us was The Top of The Standard, previously The Boom Boom Rooms.

Logistical and realistic discussions this space...and say a prayer 🙏


Top of The Standard NYC 

Top of The Standard NYC 




Mission's new HQ. A change of scenery was needed and a room full inspiration, do help the Mission Army do GOOD. 

Who's in and who's out! Being nice, kind and generous really isn't that hard. 




Mission team scrambling to get things shot before the holidays kick in. I encourage anyone wanting to be in fashion, or in fashion...hang out with a stylist for a week and the word 'glamorous' will have a whole new meaning. Being a stylist is like having your own personal gym, packing and carrying samples to and from pr's, to set, to office. 

And a very important fact...stylist's do NOT have a magic wand to make things appear on shoots at that drop of a hat, although many do think this...ah bless.. 




My executive editor and I were very lucky to get some time with someone VIP at LVMH tower. They even have their own doormat. 

Onwards and upwards trying to crack the glass ceiling...



Coach celebrated 75 years last week with new creative director Stuart Vevers. He worked his magic to present a super cool amazing show of women and menswear, of very easy wearable 'today' clothes. 

Bravo Mr Vevers!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


Wednesday...isn't this called hump day. Below has become my daily view. If I am lucky and get to have my fingers prized off my keyboard, I step outside for meetings, otherwise this is generally my view from 9am till about midnight, 1, 2 am...daily...Who thought doing a charity would be so utterly back breaking hard, yet so worthwhile. 

But hey, if this was easy it would have been done before...And guess what... 

The rosary was my mother's who is upstairs, always with me, as my brother is. And the Smythson diary and my Apple laptop. The later thanks to a wonderful chap, we shall call 'B.' It has become like my blankie.


K xx

Tune playing.. Never Forget You (Luvbug remix) Zara Larsson & MNEK ..MAX VOULME


Look what came through the post box today.....a lovely invite from Coach. Super exciting....more to come Thursday..


Karina xx

Tune playing..Ain't Giving Up..Craig David & Sigala.... TRUE DAT! 


Tune playing..Xxplosive. Dr Dre...

The Real Real have temporarily opened up a pop up shop in Soho. - 70 Greene St. One of the most exciting stores I have been into in ages.

I say f••k it, grab your credit card and buy yourself a Christmas present. It's so gorgeous in here. Here are some of the yummy things for sale in the store. Make a wish with santa that they come back for longer next time. 

Tune playing.... Mike Snow..Billie Holiday.. Playing LOUD LOUD LOUD 

Karina xx