Beta Testing...

We finally went live with a piece in WWD and realized we were on the wrong server! F*&k!

An editor had been called out to get some champagne and was told to stop and head back. There would be no celebrations till we fixed the site and got onto a dedicated server. After 4 really grueling months of complete intense insanity of pulling off a remarkable feat by producing a 439 interactive digital magazine with 5 students and two volunteers, we were done in. Amazingly, when the shit hits the fan how much more you can give.

My ridiciously AMAZING small team spent a further two weeks ironing out all the glitches to get it going properly. Hence the message will appear if you are in a low wifi area "Rome wasn't built in a day, neither was Mission..."

Thank you WWD for the love and support. I started my career, internship at WWD and only recently realized I had come full circle sort of. Life is weird, but people are weirder. I think. 



Tune...Beach Breaks by Julietta - this became the office theme tune.