A Muslim Blogger Embracing Women of All Skin Tones with Her Line of Hijabs


In today’s ever evolving society there is a desperate cry for acceptance and inclusivity for all women, whatever their beliefs, background, and ethnicity. Muslim blogger and designer Habiba Da Silva is aiming to bridge the gap with her line of hijabs for women of all skin tones, calling it simply Skin.

Da Silva, 22, who is of Brazilian and Lebanese descent, explains: “The Skin campaign was inspired by many things. Firstly, my passion for cultures and traditions, and secondly to break up the trend of having brands with clothing dressed on only lighter-skinned models.”

She founded the line to empower and embrace women of all backgrounds and cultures who choose to wear hijabs, whether to display their devotion to God or to show modesty. By creating Skin, Da Silva has opened the door for Muslim women everywhere to be seen and accepted as they are. 

The message behind Skin was inspired and developed from the idea of marriage—the act of unifying people.

Each hijab from the collection contains a word from a different language that expresses marriage. A hijab in rich dark brown is called Aroosadda, the Somali word for bride; Rukhsati in Urdu, which means sending off; the darkest color, Aure, is Hausa for marriage; and the lightest hijab is called Zaffeh, which means wedding march in Arabic. 

Da Silva will keep the Skin collection small as she works to map out the skin tones she will add to the line down the road. For now, we will watch her progress as she marches forward on her quest for empowerment for all.

Photo: Courtesy of Habiba Da Silva.  @habibadasilva

 By Danielle Combs