By Lizzy Zarrello

Bridgerton joins Halston as the second Netflix show with a corresponding fashion collection.

Netflix recently announced its collaboration with U.K.-based independent shoe label Malone Souliers, consisting of women’s and men’s shoes inspired by the binge-worthy series, Bridgerton. Bridgerton, the drama show based on a novel about the competitive aristocratic society of 1813 London, premiered on Netflix on Christmas Day 2020. After growing a large following of viewers, Netflix has renewed the show for second, third, and fourth seasons. 

The collection is set for release in 2022 and will include 15 pairs of shoes that embrace styles from the show’s regency style with a modern adaption. Designs for the upcoming shoe line are not yet available, but if the series is anything to go by, we can expect Regency-era flats and ballet slippers. However, Mary Alice Malone, the founder and creative director of Malone Souliers, is most renowned for her high heels and is expected to include a pair in the launch. 

The venture will not be Netflix’s first fashion collaboration with a high-end brand; in June, the streaming service launched a partnership with Halston. Roy Halston Frowick, the creator of Halston the label, was once considered “the premier fashion designer in America” and recently became the subject of a limited series on Netflix. The series is a drama based on the life of Halston and his rise to fame. To mark the show’s release, Robert Rodriguez, the chief creative officer of Halston, created a 10-piece collection of gowns inspired by the ’70s designs worn by characters in the show, ranging in price from $945 to almost $1,600. As actors wore many archival Halston pieces in the series, Rodriguez chose to modernize their silhouettes for the capsule while maintaining the colorful characteristics of Halston’s original works. The designs can be found online and in the display windows of Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus for fans to purchase. 

During his career, Halston’s work was synonymous with the 1970’s disco era and the infamous Studio54 nightclub. After the show’s debut in May, Halston’s sales for the label increased by 631%. Due to Netflix’s primary demographic ranging from 18 to 29-year-olds, the series and Rodriguez’s coinciding collection has successfully introduced a new generation of young streamers to the Halston label. 

Although Netflix doesn’t receive revenue from capsule sales, they use fashion partnerships as a form of marketing. By promoting their shows through fashion, they have created a new way to reach viewers. People watching Netflix can purchase and wear clothing emulating the styles of their favorite shows. Despite their high price point, these collaborations allow otherwise inaccessible high-end designers to come under the average streamer’s radar. At the same time, viewers gain a more extensive understanding of the fashion scene.