Gucci Salutes Structure and Shine With Their Glossy SS24 Runway Show - Mission

Gucci Salutes Structure and Shine With Their Glossy SS24 Runway Show

By Elizabeth Grace Coyne.

With new creative direction, Gucci’s most recent collection brought a fresh perspective to the brand’s previously maximalist take on fashion.

Gucci, the Italian luxury house iconized for their nods to cultural heritage and high quality craftmanship, has stepped away from their more recent exploration of extravagance and showcased a simplistic collection with emphasis on structure, proportion and shine.

Making his runway debut was Sabato De Sarno, the luxury brand’s newest creative director. Coming from Valentino, where De Sarno worked for over 13 years overseeing designs for womenswear and menswear, his work has the ability to grow large audiences by triggering buzz on social media. By the time De Sarno had spent a decade at Valentino, the brand was highly recognizable amongst even the most unlikely audiences.

The show was titled “Gucci Ancora,” ancora meaning “again” or “still” in Italian, and was chosen to commemorate De Sarno’s new vision for the brand. More simplistically speaking, the creative director was given the freedom to exercise a “do-over” and realign Gucci’s relationship with the public. 

“I am proud to join a House with such an extraordinary history and heritage, that over the years has been able to welcome and cherish values I believe in,” said De Sarno in an interview with CNN.

The collection itself was a smart interpretation of how the modern consumer plays with proportion. From long blazers paired with mico mini shorts to thinly cut bra tops paired with knee length pencil skirts, each garment worked in harmony with it’s respective counterpart.

“I am proud to join a House with such an extraordinary history and heritage.”

A nod to street style was also prevalent as models were shown wearing Gucci branded hoodies and zip-ups, French-tucked into expertly tailored embossed leather bottoms. The use of such leather was shown throughout many looks in the collection, a Gucci staple that communicates luxury and craftsmanship.

Platform loafers shown next to sleek kitten heels created a cohesive balance of trendy and classic amongst the accessory silhouettes. Additionally, several new colors and patterns were worked into the brand’s older handbag designs, giving a new feel to the vintage staples.

Cherishing the legacy of the brand, De Sarno harnessed Gucci’s Italian heritage to create a collection that keeps the house looking and feeling luxurious. In an age where simplistic silhouettes and high quality materials are favored by the masses, De Sarno’s new collection of spring pieces understands what it means to be inspired by your past while looking towards your future.

All images courtesy of Gucci.