By Lizzy Zarrello

London-based gallery Have a Butchers is looking to raise quick funds for the people of Ukraine.

The Russian Federation launched a violent invasion of Ukraine this past February, the first full-scale attack in Europe since World War II. The ongoing violence in Ukraine has caused tragic loss, human suffering, substantial economic damage and forced over 1.7 million people to flee their homes. Many areas have been disconnected from water, electricity, and phone lines. Other people are left in bomb shelters and hiding for safety without basic necessities like food and water. The adverse effects of sanctions against Russia have caused inflation worldwide, while Europe is facing a colossal refugee crisis. 

London-based store and creative space, “Have a Butchers,” is the sister site working in long-lasting association with May Print and HM Post Production. It showcases art exhibitions and sells artbooks and other trinkets. The name “Have a Butchers” is derived from the East London cockney rhyming slang idiom for ‘have a look,’ which rhymes with “butcher’s hook.” From March 2nd to the 11th, Have a Butchers, in collaboration with Hempstead May, is hosting a charity print sale to stand in solidarity with Ukraine. Ninety works by myriad photographers will be available to purchase for $50 apiece. The roster includes Lauren Dukoff, who has photographed celebrities like AdeleRita MorenoKristin Stewart, and Jake Cheesum’s portrait of world-renowned model Kate Moss when she was only 16. The gallery has already raised over £100k and is hoping to double this before the sale ends on March 11th. Sales will be donated to both the British Red Cross and Ukraine Crisis Appeal

Those purchasing a print would help by: 

• Providing food, first aid, clean water, shelter, clothing, hygiene products, and medicine.

• Supporting hospitals and healthcare facilities.

• Supporting civil protection units.

• Training people in life-saving first aid.

• Helping families stay in contact with each other.

• Educating people on the risks of explosives.

• Repairing homes, schools, and community healthcare centers.

The British Red Cross has already helped provide over 30,000 people with food, hygiene products, and other aid, giving shelter to 8,000 citizens in metro stations and teaching basic first aid to over 2,000 people. However, it is expected that considerably more supplies will be needed in fully aiding the 44 million citizens of Ukraine. 

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Images courtesy of Have a Butchers 

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