By Emma Moneuse

Vetements’ new burger is just the latest in a string of fast food streetwear combo meals.

Luxury streetwear brand Vetements has launched something very tasteful as part of the early release of its Fall/Winter 2021 collection: the “Vetements Burger.” The vegetarian patty comes wrapped up in Vetements-branded packaging, which the label claims is sustainable, alongside Vetements french fries and lemonade, all served on a plastic platter lined with Vetements-branded paper.

According to Vetements’ Instagram, the vegetarian burger is “crafted by trained artisans with the highest quality ingredients.” Created in partnership with Olga Karput’s concept store KM20, the combo meal will be available exclusively at the KM20 Restaurant in Moscow, starting this week. It’s an inventive collaboration, but just the tip of the iceberg of fast food’s ever growing relationship with streetwear.

Vetements itself already delved into the world of burgers and fries when it hosted its Spring/Summer 2020 runway show at a Parisian McDonald’s. The new burger keeps up with the trend that has surged in the past few months with collabs like Travis Scott and J. Balvin’s partnerships with McDonald’s, in which the musicians teamed up with the fast food chain on themed meals and merch. Taking such a partnership a step further, Telfar recently redesigned White Castle’s uniform in honor of the burger chain’s 100th anniversary, turning out new tees, visors and durags for the company. Co-branded Telfar tees and hoodies are also available to buy from the brand’s online shop.

Like streetwear brands, fast food companies can create their own hype with the releases of limited-edition items such as the McRib or Popeyes chicken sandwich. Similar to streetwear releases, these fast food items are exclusive, not for their price but for their limited access. The exclusivity only generates more hype consumers usually feel compelled to share their spoils social media.

The Vetements Burger is likely to be as hyped as it is scarce: there will only be 2,000 portions sold at KM20. The exclusivity of this combo meal makes it the perfect Instagrammable fashion meal, which Vetements is certainly aware of as the brand has a convenient hashtag, “#VETEMENTSBURGER,” at the ready.

Image credit: Vetements/Elliott Jerome Brown Jr.

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