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“We can’t close our eyes to this beautiful changing world!” MSGM founder Massimo Giorgetti on inclusivity and creativity.

By Naomi Barling.

Massimo Giorgetti founded MSGM in 2009. His designs combine traditional tailoring with contemporary sportswear fabrics, cuts, and finishes, while staying true to his Italian heritage. Using his brand as a vehicle for change and to mirror the youth zeitgeist, Giorgetti has built a cult brand that has found its audience in Gens Z and Millennials. We spoke to Giorgetti, the man behind the cult brand, to find out a little more.

What led you to the world of fashion?

One of my family members used to do prints for famous brands in the ‘80s like El Charro and Best Company, and this was my first contact with the fashion world. Growing up in Rimini, a town on the sea that was very up-to-date in the ‘90s for nightlife, gave me the opportunity to meet so many designers and creatives. After some experience in sales it felt like the natural thing to do was to start working in fashion. I launched MSGM in 2009, and today I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

What is your mission with MSGM?

MSGM is all about color and energy being young and eclectic. My goal is to bring positivity, and to valorize the Italian spirit! I put all my ideas, feelings, and emotions into my collections. MSGM collections are clothes for pleasure, I want people to enjoy wearing them, making the pieces and the memories they make wearing them part of their lives. Everything from MSGM is made in Italy, which makes this current collection – about my homeland – even more special to me.

What does inclusivity mean to you and why is it so important?

I think it’s about creating a truthful representation of our current world, which is forever changing. Here in Italy, it can be difficult at times because we are not used to having lots of different cultures and the political situation does not help. We can’t, however, turn a blind eye and pretend that society is not changing. We have a growing number of second generation Italians that are originally from other countries with different views, and new LGBTQIA+ families. 

What are you doing with MSGM to make sure this message is loud and clear?

I want the whole process to be natural and organic…I don’t want to do it because we ‘have to.’ This subject has been part of the MSGM DNA since the beginning. For example, we shot the first LGBTQIA+ oriented ad campaign in 2014. I shot this ad as this was part of my life and my reality and I wanted it to be part of the brand too.

With this year’s video I wanted to do the same thing, to represent our reality and how society is changing, putting out a positive message. When Absolut Vodka asked me to dress the bottle for pride month, I couldn’t be happier to show mine and MSGM’s support to such an important cause. MSGM has always been a brand that represents the time we are living in, but with an eye always cast on the future.

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Where do you get your inspiration from? What’s your creative process?

I take inspiration from so many different things. It can be from someone I meet on the street (I often ask people I don’t know if I can take their picture), or from a movie, a TV series, or an artist’s work. I’m a very curious person and I love to look at a variety of different things. There’s not a specific process…I just follow my instinct and go with the flow!

You work a lot with artists and collaborators. Why is it so important for you to fuse art and fashion?

Art is one of the fundamental parts of MSGM’s soul. Together with music, both stimulate my imagination and are the ingredients used in the creation of my collections!

In light of recent events, what role do you think fashion holds in society? On the flip side, how important is it for you to make sure your collections are playful? Do you see fashion as an escape?

Every collection we saw in July represents a unique, very personal answer to the terrible challenge we’ve been called upon to face today. I’m sure the question on every designer’s mind is, ‘why were we running so damn fast? Where did we think we were going? Isn’t it time to change the rules of the game?’

I think fashion has an important role in our society, even during these strange times. Fashion can change our perception of reality.

In our MSGM Resort 2021 and Man SS21 collection, you can smell the scent of hope, the vital force of growth. May spring inspire us in our silent revolution. Renewal, respect, and a reconnection to nature; this collection was inspired by these words. There is positivity, strength, and enthusiasm, but there is also serenity, and a thirst for escapism. With the video we presented during Milan’s digital fashion week, I wanted to spread a positive message of youth and freedom, and represent Milan’s younger generation, which is made up of different cultures, genders, and experiences.

Where do you see fashion going and what changes would you like to see made?

I would like to see fashion becoming more sustainable. I think it’s very important to be aware of human’s impact on the environment. In today’s world it is necessary to respect the environment and to pass this respect on to future generations!

We have created a new eco capsule titled FANTASTIC GREEN. MSGM has always looked to the future, but never before has this vision coincided so closely with a simple and clear goal: to protect the environment, the planet, nature, and our future.

I also think that fashion needs to slow down. We need to take the time to find different ways of working, and respect the humans that are part of every process and not just treat it all as an exercise that we’re forced to carry out.


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